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August 6, 2009 5:40 PM

The FCC's Inscrutable "Screwtape" Letters

Last Friday, it was reported that the FCC sent a series of letters to Apple, AT&T, and Google reacting to an item reported in the New York Times that Apple, through its iPhone Apps Store, had refused to carry "Google Voice" (a call management application).  "Google Voice" (GV) is still available to iPhone customers by using the Google search engine on their iPhones, so I'm not completely sure what the disadvantage is to Google by not being allowed to "retail/give away" this application in the Apple "Apps Store" (but we'll assume there is some disadvantage because Google asked for "retail" placement, and was denied).  Nonetheless, as TeleComSense noted only a few weeks ago, in the unregulated world, the Supreme Court has only reluctantly found a duty to deal, even by dominant firms

Each letter asked different questions, depending on the firm being asked, about the episode in question--Apple's refusal to carry the GV application, AT&T's relationship to Apple and the decision to not carry the application, and Google's efforts to get its GV application placed in the iPhone Apps Store.  Now for the context that makes me "complexed" (so completely perplexed that I have an inferiority complex) about the FCC's letters--the explanation of why they are so inscrutable (we'll get to the Screwtape reference later).

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