August 7, 2009 2:11 AM

Cablevision Spins Off MSG, But Has the Blizzard Started?

If you haven't noticed yet, you probably shouldn't rely on me for your telecom news--because I'm really not that timely.  Nonetheless, if you read at all, God bless you, brother (or sister); without you, I wouldn't even have a reader.  So, for all my whining about subscription TV prices and practices, I would be remiss in not reporting what's come out in the last week on our subscription TV vertical foreclosure issue. 

Cablevision has decided to spinoff its MSG programming unit to its shareholders as a separate property. Contrary to some speculation, though, the spinoff in itself does not solve the potential antitrust problem of vertical foreclosure faced by competitors that are unable to obtain all of MSG's programming because the management of MSG and Cablevision will be the same.  Still, though, by separating MSG as a standalone programmer, it will become more obvious over time how much this business is losing if it continues to refuse revenue from subscription television providers like AT&T, DirecTV, RCN, and Verizon in service territories where these companies do not even compete with Cablevision's subscription television service.

This will take a little time, though.  But, if the transaction requires any license transfers, it should be easier for all downstream competitors in the MSG programming area to get access to all of MSGs programming on reasonable terms.  If an FCC license transfer proceeding is necessary, one can expect competitors to demand, and likely be successful, at getting access to cable programming at the same terms available to other competitors, as a condition to merger approval.  My guess is that the Commission would be sympathetic to these requests. 

Alternatively, if the FCC's cable ownership caps are overturned by the Court of Appeals, Cablevision might fetch a higher price from an adjacent incumbent cable company (like Time Warner Cable, or Comcast), and its shareholders might benefit more by holding MSG and becoming "arms merchants"--capitalizing on a regulatory environment that seems likely to promote increased subscription TV competition. So, the Blizzard hasn't started yet, but the temperature and the barometer are both falling. . .

If Cablevision wouldn't bite off so much, it wouldn't have to spit some of it back. Cablevision tries to be all things to all people - that is except a quality cable company for us regular guys. I swear Cablevision's leadership isn't interested in anyone but themselves... not the customers... not the shareholders.

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